20 July 2023

War of the AI Lovers – Why Regulation by Enforcement is a bad idea

It was the Law that started the War. This is a cautionary tale on the unintended effects of regulation by enforcement against a single player, rather than developing a sane policy to regulate a sector. In Jan 2023, Replika was the monopoly-pioneer in the AI lover chatbot category. It was…Read More

14 June 2023

EU AI Law: AI models to publish summaries on training data

The European Commission proposes an AI regulatory framework that requires AI models to publish summaries of copyrighted data used for training. The aim of the proposal is to increase transparency, and it is anticipated that the EU would reach an agreement by the end of 2023. EC proposal: EU AI…Read More

11 May 2023


The European Parliament amends the list of prohibited AI practices to include bans on intrusive and discriminatory uses of AI systems. An example would be biometric categorisation systems that are based on sensitive characteristics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. Official press: European Parliament News / Contributor: Richelle YuXian…Read More

2 May 2023

Samsung engineers leak confidential data to GPT-3

Multiple Samsung employees uploaded sensitive codes onto GPT-3 to identify a fix. Two months after the incident, Samsung bans the use of ChatGPT due to confidentiality concerns as the corporate secrets transmitted to AI platforms could be accessed by external users. Media press: Bloomberg News Contributor: Richelle YuXian Khor

19 April 2023

Potential suit by Twitter against Microsoft

Elon Musk threatens Microsoft with a potential lawsuit for illegally using Twitter’s data to train its AI model. While no lawsuit has been filed, Twitter’s threat indicates that data ownership is increasingly becoming a prevailing issue in the development of AI models.Media press: CNBC Tech / Contributor: Richelle YuXian Khor

18 April 2023

Viral AI-Generated song pulled from streaming platforms

Universal Music Group alleges that the AI-generated song, “Heart on My Sleeve” has violated copyright law, which results in the song being taken down from social media and music streaming platforms. The creator, merely identified as “ghostwriter”, clones the voices of musicians Drake and The Weeknd using AI. Media press:…Read More

13 April 2023

EU Data regulator sets up ChatGPT task force to develop new laws

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) establishes a task force to cooperate and exchange information on enforcing EU laws on ChatGPT. As the AI chatbot faces increased scrutiny, the task force is a step towards a more coordinated EU regulatory framework. Official press: EDPB Press Release Media press: Politico News…Read More

3 April 2023

Young v NeoCortext, Inc.

Kyland Young files a class action lawsuit against NeoCortext, Inc. for commercially exploiting well-known Californians’ names, voices, photographs, and likenesses without consent. Young alleges that by developing Reface application which allows face swaps, NeoCortext has violated their right of publicity. Contributor: Richelle YuXian Khor

31 March 2023

Belgian chatbot user commits suicide

A Belgian man commits suicide after chatting with an AI chatbot named “Eliza”, which has been producing harmful suggestions. The incident urges businesses and government to regulate the use of AI chatbots, especially where mental health is concerned. Media press: Vice Contributor: Richelle YuXian Khor

31 March 2023

Italian ban on ChatGPT

Italy becomes the first western country to temporarily ban ChatGPT. The Italian data protection agency, Garante alleges that the AI-powered chatbot collects data in a way that is incompatible with data protection law, and that the lack of age verification could expose children to harmful content. Media press: The Conversation…Read More